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Variable Maps for Direct Mail

Variable Data Printing
Why use a generic location map on your direct mail piece when you can have individualized maps for each person on your mailing list? Variable Maps is a variable data printing service from CSG where we create a direct mail map on the fly for every record in your database and then place that map into your direct mail piece during the printing process.

Pretty Cool, Right!

The even cooler part is that this is not the expensive service you think this is. (could have been though). Just ask for it on our Direct Mail Quote Request and we'll include it for you.

Options include: line color and thickness, map size and shape as well as the standard start/stop icons on your variable direct mail maps.

At CSG Direct, we have over 2 decades in Real Variable Data: Variable Data Printing, Variable Data Coding, Randomization, Variable Data Email, Websites, and more. All of these are tools built right here at CSG Direct!

CSG Direct lives and breath variable data so you get better results with REAL Personalization! ..more Variable Maps information

Casino Marketing

Casino Marketing

At CSG Direct many of our staff have worked directly in casinos and our print and mailing services are geared around what you need and we know you need it fast!
US Mail Tracking

US Mail Tracking

Tracking Bulk Mail through the US Postal Service has not only been our dream, it has been our destiny. Our New Innovations are shaking up
direct mail, reducing postage and ensuring a smooth mail delivery.


CSG Direct was a early adopter of National Change of Address due to the value to increasing response and reducing direct mail costs. This is a USPS required service and we do it every single day at CSG Direct.
CSG Direct is an innovator and early adopter of many services using the United States Postal Service.
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