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Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing
Variable data printing can be one of the most powerful marketing mediums of our times. However, most people who sell this to their clients are not even really doing Variable Data Printing. 80% of all variable print is nothing more than mail-merge and fancy fonts. If I get another direct mail offer with my name spelled in sea shells on a beach I am just going to go insane.  "Okay, great. You have a sea shell font. Wow. Thanks!". What if I'm scared of the ocean? What if I am allergic to seafood of any kind? Are you selling me something to do with a beach or shells?

[First Name] mail-merge is kindergarten level variable data printing at best. The tiny increase in response (if any) will rarely justify the extra expense for this kind of fluff. You also have to worry about all the negatives associations with an unusual, unrelated approach to selling your goods and services.  What's worse, I have seen entire campaigns switch themes away from a company's core brand just to include these fonts.  If you are a medical supply company, you shouldn't sell yourself with a beach theme just because it looks cool.  Remember, it should be relative to your business.

If you don't really know that much about your customers, we can append over 100 fields of additional consumer data about them so you know if they like dogs or cats, drive Fords or Chevys, etc.. Ironically, when this is done by real variable data experts in direct mail; we'll still cost you less than all those printers pushing variable print services. This is because we do this every day, without the baggage of all that crazy software they bought.

At CSG Direct, we have over 2 decades experience in real variable data: Variable data printing, variable data coding, randomization, variable data email, websites, and more. (Our entire site is an example of variable data but you wouldn't know that unless I told you.  Images, alts, content, metas, embeds, etc.. All database driven variable content)  All of these tools are built right here at CSG Direct!

CSG Direct lives and breathes variable data so you get better results with REAL personalization! ..more Variable Data Printing information

Mailing Services

Mailing Services

At CSG Direct we have innovated many of the direct mail processes to save you time and money. We will fold with Spot glue or Tab mailers closed, Folding, Inserting, Addressing, Cutting, Assembling - we do it all.
Database Marketing

Database Marketing

We are known for our abilities with the most complex of data matrix jobs as well as statistics, data-farming, data-mapping, web enabled databases and so much more.
Direct Mail Printing

Direct Mail Printing

It takes a Direct Mail Printing team to really make your Direct Mail Print dance with personalization. We live and breathe variable data printing, variable graphics and high response direct mail.
CSG Direct is an innovator and early adopter of many services using the United States Postal Service.
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