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NCOA Link Services

Mailing Services
One of the most effective innovations provided by the USPS has been access to all
National Change of Address (NCOA) records to update your mailing list. Unfortunately you
have to twist some companies arms to do this service for you. 
That is why the US Postal Service has decided to make it mandatory.

17% of Americans change addresses annually and when you mail Presorted Standard (old 3rd Class) this mail is thrown out by the Postal Service unless you pay to get it sent back you.

The value of recovering even 5% of your database is huge, let alone 17% for 1 year or 40% if you haven't done it yet at all. We have been doing this so long (early adopter) that we have some very specific tools and methods to take it to the next level for you. Database Marketers know the value of the cleanest data possible and you will too.

If you want to maintain response rates from 2-7% you must be on top of your game
and NCOA LinkŪ is one of the tools we pros use everyday.

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Direct Mail Maps

Direct Mail Maps

Our direct mail variable maps area great way to personalize mail. Each piece gets a unique map directly from their house to you.
US Mail Tracking

US Mail Tracking

Tracking bulk mail through the US Postal Service helps reduce postage and ensure a smooth mail delivery.
Casino Marketing

Casino Marketing

At CSG Direct many of our staff have worked in casinos. Our print and mailing services are geared toward what you need.
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